The Dixon circle area is in zip code 75210. This area of South Dallas is a poor area with about 46% living below the poverty level. Currently, only about 3% of the community get education up to college/university level.  We believe we have to intervene early in the Dixon child's life to change this trend.


We believe education is a major key to breaking the cycle of violence and crime in our community and casting a vision of a better future for the Dixon child.

Our goal is to inspire young children through after school programs that offer lessons in coding, robotics, other STEM programs, creative writing,  as well as programs that will inspire these children to push themselves to reach for the skies so we can break this cycle of poverty in the community.


We want to provide  a Christian environment where the children in the low-income bracket in the Dixon Circle area can have access to after school educational programs 

The Eagle's Nest owns a four-acre property that is the safest space for children in the Dixon circle area of South Dallas. 

We intend to provide the Dixon Circle child with a quality and safe environment where they are guided as they experiment, make mistakes and learn from thier mistakes.


We intend to provide a space where the Dixon child can find the happiness that comes from working, playing, and sharing with others.  

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“Nurturing the next generation of Godly leaders”


3641 Dixon Avenue

Dallas, Tx 75210

Phone(718) 510-3504

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