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We are located in the Dixon Circle area of South Dallas because we know God's love can shine through South Dallas and change the story of our community. 

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The Dixon circle area is in zip code 75210. This area of South Dallas is a poor area with about 46% living below the poverty level. Currently, only about 3% of the community get education up to college/university level. 

Ours is a poor community with people in need but we are confident that with the love of God, the beautiful people of the Dixon circle area of South Dallas can live their dreams and reach heights only yet imagined.


Below is a summary of the community we believe God had called us to serve in comparison to the State of Texas.

  • Median household income significantly below the state average.

  • Median house value significantly below the state average.

  • Unemployed percentage above the state average.

  • Black race population percentage significantly above the state average.

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